The Good Haven: The Essential Fall Tote

Second video with ethical fashion writer Christina Holle from The Good Haven featuring Motif No. 3 (a family-built designer bag brand and creative magazine). I tell the story of the day and the life of a creative in Brooklyn and the benefits of supporting USA made brands.

The Good Haven - Director of Photography

Kowtow launches the Sustainable Marketplace Pop-Up in the space of Swords-Smith's beautiful store located in Williamsburg, BK. Collaborating with the ethical fashion blog The Good Haven we tell the story behind the brand's first ethical organic denim collection.

The Road to Mr. Olympia with Dymatize - Director of Photography

Promo for an award-winning sports nutrition brand.  This promotional video tells the story of bodybuilder Arash Rahbar and highlights his motivation behind becoming the next Mr. Olympia.

'Why Would I' by Lumos - Director of Photography

Captured a Brooklyn based duet group Lumos performing one of their songs 'Why Would I' at Rockwood Music Hall in New York City. Check out the studio version on Spotify!:

Jurien's Story with C3 Brooklyn - Director of Photography

Interview project for an artist-driven church called C3 Brooklyn.  My team captured and compiled the personal story of Brooklyn-based graphic designer/photographer Jurien Huggins. The mission of telling Jurien’s story was to empower and inspire young creatives in the local community.

Diversity in Tech with Cleanify - Director of Photography

Creative Director for a Lokel Consulting project focusing on diversity in tech through the story of Luis Sanchez, the co-founder of Cleanify, a San Francisco-based startup that offers on-demand cleaning services. For this project, Luis shares how he maintains cultural diversity and creates a healthy work culture at Cleanify through sharing his personal journey and story as an immigrant from Venezuela.

The Power Struggle with Spacious- Director/Director of Photography

Promotional video for the NYC-based company Spacious that partners with the city’s best restaurants to create co-working spaces. For this project, we created a playful video telling the story of the typical freelancer’s struggle and how Spacious offers them the perfect working-space solution.

Brick & Mortar-Promotional Video - Director of Photography

Brick & Mortar is a highly rated full-service residential and commercial real estate company known for their excellent customer care. For this project, we hear Broker Rance Nix’s story of his personal journey moving to NYC, and his commitment to mending the industry's flaws and reinventing the process to better serve each client's unique needs.